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Weddings and Sacraments


Marriage is a sacrament in the Episcopal Church and we take the preparation for marriage in the Church seriously. We understand the wedding ceremony to be an act of worship in the most profound sense. We want to help you in your preparation and support you in this important faith commitment, not only now at the time of your wedding, but throughout your marriage.


The current  policy of St. Alban's Church is that the Rector and all sacramental ministers in good standing within the Episcopal Church, are authorized to officiate at the sacrament of marriage for all couples who intend to live out the covenant of marriage, subject to the discernment of the clergy, the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Churh, the authority of the Bishop of Los Angeles, and applicable civil law.


We have prepared some answers to the most often asked questions. Please click to see our Wedding Policy.


To inquire about scheduling a wedding at St. Alban's, please contact the church office.


The sacrament of Baptism is the way we begin the journey of our inclusion into the Body of Christ. For both adults and children, it marks a new beginning.  Baptisms take place in the context of our worship and are celebrated four times a year: Epiphany, Easter, Pentecost and All Saints’ Day.  Please call the Church Office for more information.




Periodically a bishop of our diocese will confirm new members of the Episcopal Church at St. Alban’s, or we will go to another church for a joint service. Confirmation is a step many people take to affirm their decision to join us as members of the Christian church as it is lived out within Anglicanism.  Confirmation is, in effect, an ordination service in which members are ordained into the first order of ministry, the laity.  Those persons who have already been confirmed in another denomination that is in doctrinal unity with the Episcopal Church may choose to be “received.”

Funerals and Columbarium

The end of life may be marked in the church several ways.  The Burial Office of the Episcopal Church is a beautiful way to stand together with friends and family to receive needed love and support within the context of our faith.  The body may be present in a closed casket, or as cremated remains.  Or, you may choose not to have the casket or urn present.

To honor the connections across the generations of our parish family and to remember those who have passed on, we have constructed a columbarium in St. Alban's Chapel.  The niches provide a final resting place for urns containing the cremated remains of the deceased.  The columbarium wall bears bronze plaques engraved with the names and dates of those whose remains are within.  Niches may be reserved by parishioners and their family members.